Which Digital Kiosk to Use at a Trade Show?

trade show digital kiosk

You have decided to display a digital kiosk at a trade show. Now, how do you decide which type to use? In this article, we’ll discuss the Formulate(r) iPad Kiosk 02, CamCard Business, and CDS Xpress Connect. Alternatively, you can choose to use a custom-made counter. Then, you can choose to use one of these kiosks as an advertisement for your business.

Custom Modular Pro Counter

If you are looking for a digital kiosk at a trade show, a Custom Modular Pro Counter might be the perfect choice. These counters are sturdy with ample counter space for graphics and information. They are 2-way interactive, meaning you can sign people up or ask them questions. You can customize the size of your graphic, its shape, and even its counter top color to match the rest of your exhibit. A Custom Modular Pro Counter trade show digital kiosk is an excellent choice for many different applications.

This counter can be used as a stand-alone display, or you can add it to a modular event or POP display. They come in different styles, including popups and tension fabric tubing frames. You can mix and match the modular counters and use them to build a custom booth for your next trade show exhibit. The custom counters are highly functional, providing ample space for speeches and selling merchandise. They are also equipped with ample storage space, allowing you to organize your trade show exhibit in a neat, organized manner.

Formulate(r) iPad Kiosk 02

A freestanding tablet kiosk with a weighted base, an aluminum tube frame, and a pillowcase fabric graphic, the Formulate iPad Kiosk 02 can engage customers in any space. It’s a perfect choice for trade shows, events, and retail environments. In addition to the tablet, the kiosk comes with a free pillowcase graphic and OCH2 case for iPads.

An iPad kiosk can be loaded with information and graphics, and can be customized to match a brand’s identity. Its design and functionality can greatly improve your trade show booth’s results. Visitors can use the FlowVella’s email feature to send themselves literature, and you can follow up later by sending them a personalized email. With the new iPads in his stand, Schold is looking forward to seeing how this innovative tool will affect his business. Besides a powerful marketing tool, a tablet kiosk can also save him from hiring additional people.

CamCard Business

With the CamCard Business digital kiosk, you can eliminate paper business cards. Its scanner allows you to capture contact information and store it in the cloud. You can then share this information with other people via email, QR code, or social media. The app also supports multi-language scanning. With just a few clicks, you can make copies of business cards and exchange them with others. You’ll be amazed at how easy CamCard makes business card exchange.

Networking at trade shows is critical to building your business. But if you don’t follow up with those contacts, you’re wasting valuable time. Before CamCard, sales representatives would manually enter business card information into their laptops, which was time-consuming and took the staffer the better part of a day. However, this time-consuming process was now easy to automate using CamCard, which automatically converts data from business cards to different formats. With CamCard, they could save up to five hours at a trade show!

CDS Xpress Connect

If you are looking for a trade show digital kiosk that will maximize your lead generation and sales potential, the CDS Xpress Connect trade show digital solution is an excellent option. With this device, you can capture lead details, answer preliminary qualifier questions, schedule appointments, and rate leads. The app also offers the option to send follow-up emails to the leads you capture. The app is fully functional offline.

A digital kiosk that captures contact information and is easy to use will make post-show lead management a breeze. Most smart apps allow you to scan business cards, QR codes on badges, and other items and store them. They can also sync with your CRM and send documents to your contacts. These kiosks can help you to organize all your contacts and track their activity. These devices are also great for customer education and event-based activities.


iCapture is a mobile application that lets you capture leads from your trade show booth and deliver them to CRM or Marketing Automation. It eliminates the need for double-handling and deciphering bad handwriting. This tool is ideal for lead capture, trade show badge scanning, email list building, and lead scoring. It can be deployed at trade shows or events, whether they are in a physical booth or an internet café.

iCapture has partnered with the leading badge providers to offer their customers a mobile solution. This means that you can scan traditional 2-D barcodes, QR codes, RFID, and more, all without renting expensive scanners or software. All you have to do is scan a badge, follow three simple steps, and the information is automatically sent to Salesforce. It can be configured to work offline or sync with CRM software such as Salesforce.