How to Choose a Digital Signage Company

digital signage company

When choosing a digital signage company, consider how they measure progress. Upshow gives users a detailed picture of the performance of all promotions. This way, they can tailor the promotions to achieve the best results. UPshow provides a simple and quick way to measure how well a promotion is working for your business. Just push play and Raydiant are two of the companies we recommend. AAEON and Telelogos are also great choices.

Just Push Play

If you’re interested in a customized digital signage solution for your business, you’ve come to the right place. A digital signage company in Raleigh has the expertise and experience to customize your signage for your specific needs. From menus to public announcements, digital signage in Raleigh can create immersive messaging for your business. Here are some of the benefits of digital signage. Learn more about Just Push Play’s services to get started. Listed below are some of the benefits of a digital signage system from Just Push Play.


The latest news about Raydiant is that they have raised $7 million in funding to continue growing and developing their digital signage platform. Previously known as Mira, the company promises to turn any television into an interactive digital sign. Their goal is to improve the customer experience, increase sales, and engage employees. Customers simply connect a ScreenRay to an HDMI port on a TV, log into the Raydiant dashboard, and start customizing content. Then, they can display anything from employee engagement to menu boards to opening procedures and even interactive teleconferencing.

The Raydiant platform also allows businesses to add additional applications, including licensed music, videoconferencing, digital menus, and more. The company also has recently hired Bobby Marhamat as its CEO. The new funding will be used to develop new applications and to expand its customer base. It will also be used to hire new team members and add more features to its existing offerings. If successful, Raydiant will likely see rapid growth over the next few years.


The Telelogos digital signage company publishes software for digital signage, point of sale networks, and mobility. The company has more than 2,000 customers and more than 400,000 licenses in use. It has also recently invested in a dedicated UK assembly plant to deliver its large format sunlight visible screens. This makes it easier for clients to get their screens up and running in a short time. To learn more about Telelogos and its products, check out their website or contact their sales team.

Telelogos is a French software company that designs and develops software for Digital Signage and Mobility. They have business units in North America and around the world and serve over 2,000 clients. Their software platform, Media4Display, allows companies to communicate with visitors in real time and manage multimedia content. It is compatible with Windows, Android, and Tizen devices. Its integration capabilities mean that it can be used for a wide range of applications and is supported by a large network of integrator partners. Telelogos also provides support and solution experts.


AAEON is one of the leading manufacturers and designers of industrial computers and peripherals. The company is committed to providing innovative engineering solutions and end-to-end services to leading OEMs. Its wide range of products and services includes industrial computing systems, embedded boards, panel embedded box PCs, machine vision systems, digital signage, and network appliances. Its latest products include intelligent price tags and smart beacons for retail stores. AAEON also provides customized surveillance solutions, which include a range of hardware platforms and applications.

AAEON’s partnerships with system integrators and software publishers help businesses integrate digital signage and improve communication with staff and customers. One of its partners is Telelogos, a digital signage software publisher. The company’s digital signage solutions include Telelogos CMS software, which enables businesses and organizations to show content in a variety of environments. Its advanced AI capabilities enable customers to see relevant information in their environments.


As the world’s leading manufacturer of LED and LCD displays, Samsung continues to lead the way in the digital signage industry. Their latest innovation is an interactive virtual experience, Samsung VX 2021, which provides a 360-degree view of business solutions. It is also customizable to suit a wide variety of spaces, including stadiums and retail stores. It is estimated that the global signage market will reach $19.9 billion by 2023. Samsung also has plans to expand their digital signage portfolio, which will include digital signs and interactive displays for more than a billion people worldwide.

To ensure the safety of the screens in digital signs, environmental enclosures are used. These protective devices are specially designed for Samsung screens and are used in harsh environments. A digital signage enclosure is a mild steel casing designed to protect a digital display from external elements. A professionally manufactured enclosure is designated with an NEMA rating to measure its level of protection from screen damage threats. Here are the benefits of purchasing a Samsung digital signage enclosure. Let’s take a closer look.