Different Types of Packaging Finishing in Great Neck Estates, NYC

When it comes to improving the aesthetics of your packaging in Great Neck Estates, NYC, there are a variety of finishing options available to you. Some may prove more effective than others, while each provides specific advantages.

Gloss finishes are ideal for image-heavy designs, as it accentuates and makes them stand out. Plus, gloss can also protect surfaces against water damage and scratches!


Embossing is a popular finishing technique that adds visual complexity to your package. It involves pressing a female die with your design etched into it against an opposite-shaped counter die and mating them together under intense pressure and heat, raising it from the surface of the substrate and raising the design into its depths.

Foils and inks can be combined with embossing to add depth and character to your product, giving it the appearance of luxury and high-end value that helps make it stand out from its competition.


Debossing is a finishing technique used to add visual depth and dimension to printed material. Typically achieved using metal dies, this process leaves indentions on its surface that create a raised design – perfect for product packaging with foil stamping or spot gloss UV effects for additional depth!

Embossing is an engaging technique that adds an element of luxury and quality to custom printed packages. Pair it with foil stamping to highlight your logo or brand name or use alone for a minimalist approach.

Soft-touch lamination

Soft-touch lamination, often referred to as Cellotouch, is a durable finish with an elegant matte appearance and velvety feel that can add sophistication and luxury product packaging or high-end business cards. This finishing method is often chosen when finishing high-end goods or cards.

This finishing process applies a liquid finish during inline printing that seals over printed pieces, providing an even more dramatic visual impact. Combine this finish with spot UV or embossing for even greater visual impact!

This finish is fingerprint and scuff resistant and won’t wash out brand colors like traditional laminate finishes do, making it an excellent choice for high-end cosmetic packaging and other products requiring an elegant, sophisticated aesthetic.

Matte foil

Foiling is an elegant finishing technique used to give packaging an eye-catching appeal. Heat is used to attach colored foil sheets onto materials, giving it a distinctive shine that adds an air of sophistication. Foiling can also be combined with embossing and debossing techniques for maximum impact.

Foils come in an array of colours and finishes, from metallics and pearls to matte. Some models even boast holographic effects for added flair. Matte foils work especially well when pairing minimalist styles or dark color schemes.

These beautiful matte toner reactive foils work seamlessly with pouch laminators and dry-toner copiers, and come in various widths to suit any project needs. Simply cut it to size easily!

Soft-touch foil

Soft-touch foil gives packaging an irresistibly silky texture and matte appearance that works beautifully with minimalist styles and dark color palettes. Furthermore, this material resists scuff marks, fingerprints and moisture damage; and can either be added as a coating during printing or applied afterward as a film laminate finisher.

Soft-touch printing produces a subtle yet subdued effect without making colors look washed out or faded, which makes it suitable for cosmetic product packaging or luxury goods – yet can work on any printed material! A great choice for brands wanting to enhance their branding experience on store shelves while creating sensory stimulation that stands out.

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Metalised PET

Metalized PET, also referred to as BoPET, is a biaxially-oriented polyester film coated with an aluminium layer for aesthetic reasons and functional purposes like insulation or electronics.

The global metallized PET cartons market has experienced rapid expansion due to increased consumer interest in ready-to-eat and on-the-go food products, driving market expansion. This trend is projected to remain an enabler throughout its forecast period.

Metallized PET offers excellent light protection and oxygen barrier properties, with good stiffness for easy printing. Furthermore, its heat resistance and chemical bond strength make it the ideal material choice for applications requiring heat resistance or chemical bond strength.

Ultra-violent varnish

If you want your packaging to stand out, there are various coating options that can add an eye-catching appeal. Coatings add thickness and rigidity, as well as protecting its surface from scratching.

Varnishing is an aesthetic enhancement technique used to add depth to printed colors and make an eye-catching statement. It can be applied either before or after printing and helps protect the final product from smudges and fingerprints, providing glossy or matte coating options, including spot UV designs.