Dielines and Graphic Packaging

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Graphic packaging is a powerful marketing channel for your company. Whether you are designing the packaging for a new product or redesigning an existing one, graphic packaging is a 100% effective marketing channel that reaches your customers. Dielines are a standard template that you can use to design your packaging. These dielines can also be used for other marketing purposes.


Dielines are created by graphic designers and die cutters to manufacture various types of graphic packaging. They serve as a guide for the printer, showing the location of cut and perforation lines. The dieline should have distinct levels for the cutting and perforation lines, represented by coloured dots. The printer then executes the two steps separately.

Dielines are necessary for achieving good design and functionality. The dieline ensures that the final packaging will be of a uniform size and shape, has the correct visual elements, and is structurally sound. The process of creating a dieline is not difficult. However, it is important that you know how to make a dieline before implementing it into your design.

Dielines are a template for packaging design

A dieline is a template used in graphic packaging design. It determines the layout of a product’s design. While the dieline isn’t printed on the final product, it does play an important role in the development process. The process of designing a dieline can differ depending on the client’s specifications. For example, if a client requests a special design for the packaging, a dieline will be created based on the specifications provided by the client.

The process of designing a dieline involves several stages. The first step is to create a prototype. This allows the designer to catch any design flaws before they’re incorporated into the final product. The next step is to create the dieline in the form of vector art in a computer. The design must be precise down to the pixel, and the layout should be tight enough to prevent the product from shifting or coming off-center.

Dielines can be used for other marketing purposes

Dielines can be created for a variety of different purposes. They can be used for direct marketing campaigns, tradeshow displays, and other business purposes. To create a dieline, you will need a lot of different departments to work together. It is important that dielines follow all of the specifications of the manufacturer. You can create a dieline online or with design software that can produce vector art. Alternatively, you can hire a professional designer with experience and industry insight to create a dieline for your product.

A dieline is essential when creating packaging for products. It allows you to see what the finished product will look like. It also helps you make decisions about how to pack your product. For example, if you have a heavy item, you may want to consider a thick material such as corrugated cardboard to ensure that it can hold the product. The weight of your product will also determine what type of dieline to use.

Graphic packaging is a marketing channel that reaches 100% of your customers

Graphic packaging is a marketing channel that focuses on various types of packaging. Its global reach includes the United States, Canada, Europe, Asia Pacific, and Central and South America. Its success is determined by the distribution channels used by the firm. For example, firms that have a large market will use longer distribution channels than firms with small or local customers. On the other hand, firms that target a small number of customers will use a short distribution channel.

Graphic packaging’s acquisition of AR Packaging Group AB

The acquisition of AR Packaging by Graphic Packaging will expand its product portfolio and strengthen its leadership position among companies that serve the consumer packaged goods industry. Based in Sweden, AR Packaging produces paperboard grades that can be folded into cartons. The combined companies expect to generate $41 million in synergies over the next 36 months. The companies’ combined expertise in sustainable packaging will help them serve more local and global clients.

The merger was announced in May of this year. AR Packaging and Graphic Packaging Holdings AB reached an all-cash deal in May 2021, and the deal is now pending regulatory approval. The deal is subject to a review by the Competition and Markets Authority, which is looking at whether the acquisition will reduce competition.


ClipCombo(tm) is an innovative beverage multipack machinery system from Graphic Packaging International. Its flexibility and speed make it a smart choice for beverage packers looking to improve production efficiency. This versatile system enables a variety of styles of multipacks while achieving top-line speeds of 400 packs per minute.


The KeelClip is a revolutionary type of graphic packaging for beverage cans. It replaces plastic wraps and reduces the amount of paper/card used. The packaging is designed to increase the shelf life of drinks and is designed for high-speed packaging lines. It also features finger holes for comfortable carrying.

The KeelClip system is used by major companies such as Coca-Cola to replace the plastic caps. It was designed by Graphic Packaging International and is available for use in a variety of different applications, including beverage packaging. The company estimates that this innovative technology will save the planet over 1.3 million metric tons of plastic per year.