5 Possible Contestant for the Best Pizza In NYC By FoodInsider

Do you have anyone in mind who has the best pizza in NYC? Food Insider has roped in 4 contestants for the best pizza in NYC.

  1. Joe’s Pizza
  2. Di Fara Pizza
  3. Koronet Pizza
  4. Scarr’s Pizza

Guess who is the winner? Answer is in the video.

3 thoughts on “5 Possible Contestant for the Best Pizza In NYC By FoodInsider”

  1. My vote is on Louie & Ernie’s
    I love their Italian Pizza. Gracefully topped thin-crust pizzas. It’s a real neighborhood spot, around since 1959, and has now since snagged headlines because of its white pizza and sausage-topped pie — two customer favorites. Louie & Ernie’s acts both slices and pies, as well as $6.50 calzones.

  2. Went to leave a thumbs-down on her youtube for leaving trash on the neighborhood…
    Such an easy thing doing, but produces a horrible image whenever you disregard such a task that is simple.

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