Sunlight Readable Touch Screen Monitors

sunlight readable touch screen

The SRMT-15.6 Series Sunlight Readable Touch Screen Monitors are built with industrial grade components and are available with optional backlights. The SRMT-15.6 Series utilizes a polarized LED backlight to provide a high-brightness image. A transflective polarizer is also available for nighttime operation. This technology provides a wide range of benefits for users in harsh conditions. These products are designed to be highly durable, which helps them last for years.

Whether you need a touchscreen for a medical device, or need to see the contents of a computer screen, SRMHT-15 sunlight readable touch screen monitors can be used in virtually any environmental condition. The SRMHT-15 is ideal for outdoor, rugged and environmental applications. These monitors feature a powder coated steel and ABS enclosure, which provides a long-lasting, dependable imaging performance. The MTBF for these units is 50,000 hours.

The SRMT-24 Series Sunlight Readable touch screen monitors have high brightness and are ideal for operating in bright sunlight. The SRMT-24 Series monitors have more than 1,500 nits of brightness, which is considerably higher than that of standard laptops. These LCDs are also extremely clear, so you can view your content clearly even when you are driving at night. Aside from being extremely versatile, they also offer a wide range of applications.

Sunlight readable touch screen monitors are the perfect solution for demanding applications. These units can function in direct sunlight and ambient light, ensuring that they are as functional and efficient as they should be. Because they don’t require any external illumination, they are also easy to operate in extreme temperatures. In fact, these monitors come with an option to dim the display at night. This feature makes them ideal for use in dark environments.

SRMHT-15 sunlight readable touch screen monitors have an extremely wide temperature range. They can operate in low-temperature environments as low as -22degF and hotter than 185degF. An SRMHT-15 is designed to be used in extreme environments. Optical bonding is an advanced process that bonds the LCD to the touchscreen. The bonding process eliminates air gaps between the two components and improves contrast and clarity.

The sun is a huge source of heat. A standard LCD display computer can only withstand moderate temperatures. Those with extreme environments or outdoor lighting will encounter a lot of UV exposure. These screens are difficult to view without a shade. The AbraxSys line of sunlight readable touch screen panel PCs are ideal for these environments and are suited for various caustic contaminants. They are also designed to be portable and are perfect for rugged applications.

An SRMHT-13.3 is a 13.3 sunlight readable touch screen monitor with a maximum brightness of 1500 nits. This display is best suited for outdoor use in bright sunlight, as it offers a 16:9 aspect ratio. A sun-readable touchscreen has a large viewing angle and can be adjusted to suit the user’s needs. If the device is used for outside work, an SRMHT-13.3 series monitor with an ambient light sensor can be used even in moonlight.