Giant Eagle Dry Cleaners Litigation

giant eagle dry cleaners

Giant Eagle Dry Cleaners is a popular grocery store and dry cleaning chain with some giant eagle dry cleaners near me. There are more than 180 Giant Eagle stores and 50 franchise locations throughout Ohio and Indiana. These convenient locations also offer video rental, photo processing, and banking services. Some Giant Eagles may be closed temporarily due to quarantine restrictions and the spread of coronavirus. If you have a large amount of laundry or a large amount of dry cleaning, it may be best to make an appointment beforehand.

The company claims that it complied with the law and paid the company a reasonable amount for the clean clothes. This amount is based on the amount of money that Giant Eagle billed its customers. While the court denied the plaintiffs’ request for a stay of proceedings, the district court ruled in Giant Eagle’s favor. The lawsuit cites an arbitration clause in the company’s license agreement, which DFS Cleaners says was revoked in bad faith.

According to Sew Clean, Giant Eagle aided DFS Cleaners to breach its license agreement. Using the power company’s employees as a proxy, Giant Eagle allegedly caused a power surge that damaged the electric dry cleaning equipment. It was unable to meet its contractual obligations for a short time. In response, DFS Cleaners terminated the license agreement with Sew. The lawsuit also alleges that Giant has violated its fiduciary duty to DFS Cleaners.

Giant Eagle has appealed the decision of the trial court, arguing that the court erred in denying them a stay. The plaintiffs’ motion was denied because Giant Eagle is not party to the license agreement. However, they did not allege that DFS Cleaners violated the terms of the license agreement. The suit further asserts that Giant Eagle aided DFS Cleaners by encouraging them to breach the contract.

The company’s licensing agreement with DFS Cleaners was terminated on October 8, 1999. The two companies entered into a license agreement in which DFS Cleaners hired Sew Clean to provide dry cleaning services at Giant Eagle Supermarkets in Pittsburgh. Unfortunately, the two parties did not follow the agreement, and the former did not pay DFS. The two parties did not make any compromises in the contract.

In August 2016, Giant Eagle filed a motion for summary judgment, arguing that it owed the plaintiffs damages for failing to pay for its clean-up services. While the trial court denied the petition, the parties filed an appeal. DFS Cleaners argued that Giant Eagle’s action was illegal because it forced the company to terminate the franchise agreement in bad faith. The lawsuit is now in the second phase.